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Bike Tours

E-Bikes (electric assist bikes) provide the opportunity to explore Portugal on the human level, over longer distances than would be reasonable with a traditional bicycle. These tours are guided by Filipe and can be tailored to fit your interests.

Porto to Aveiro:


This wonderful scenic ride takes you along the beach, following a series of cycling paths and ecovias, most of the ride is away from busy roads. You will wind your way through coastal pine forests, see the traditional farms beside the bay, ride along the waterfront and the beautiful boardwalks that twist through the wetlands. You will finish your ride in beautiful Aveiro, a town known for its beautiful canals and stunning painted fishing boats. Perhaps the best part of this journey is its flexibility, the full ride takes around 4-5 hours (over a full day) but because most of it runs parallel to the train line between Porto and Aveiro so you hop on and off at any time!

jacinto boats.jpg

Porto City Tour

See more of the city than you ever could on foot, with less effort than you could ever imagine on a bike! E-bikes are a great way to explore the city (and tackle the hills!) Filipe will plan a guided circuit that makes sure you see the best of what Porto has to offer while avoiding busy roads and challenging intersections.

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