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About Us

We are a boutique travel company with an intimate knowledge of Portugal. We can help you discover the cities, countryside and backroads of this amazing country through our years of personal experience.
Lusoland is, at its core, a husband and wife team with extensive and intimate knowledge of the country they represent and the people they serve. Alice grew up in the US and moved to Portugal in 2010 when a post-graduation adventure turned into new life in a new country. Filipe was born and raised in Porto, studied and mastered in math and economics but now enjoys teaching, farm life and sharing share his passion for his country and its people with newcomers through guided tours. 



Alice and Filipe of Lusoland are wonderful guides! They have personally taken me around Porto, Guimarães, Aveiro, and São Jacinto; each place full of its own unique beauty. They know the spots that serve local, authentic food and have great stories you won't get from a travel book. There is no better way to experience Portugal than through this dynamic duo!

                                     Sarah Ku

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