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Lusoland is who you want to plan your insiders view of beautiful Portugal!

                                                         Will Philipp

Expat Relocation Itineraries

    If you think Northern Portugal might be the place for you to start your next life adventure let us show you around and answer some of your initial questions. There are plenty of services that help with the nuts and bolts of immigrating but we help you figure the where. When you're thinking about relocating, planning and having a clear idea of what the place is like is so important and that means exploring different places that might fit your preferences. Maybe you already have an idea where you want to be or maybe you're not sure whether you want to live in the city, village or countryside. As an expat of eight years and a native we can help you better understand the various regions Portugal and what each has to offer as well as the drawbacks to each. It's crucial to get an idea not just of how life is where you want to be but also how life might feel for a foreigner moving there and know what you can expect from the people, the services, the amenities etc. We hope to offer a broad jumping off point and a chance to explore and enjoy this beautiful country while asking those first critical questions when considering a big move.

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